Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Return of Deer Head Man

Deer Head Man returned to the neighborhood Sunday just in time for egg-hunt festivities across the street from Hyper-House.
He watched the little children as they searched for the Easter treats.

He posed for pictures.
And then Deer Head Man left.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eggs and Candy and Kids Oh My...

Above, the look you get if you ask Little Bit to share her cake pop. Below, sugar high was in full sway when I arrive.

Everyone was glad to see me.
All the little childrens engaged in an Easter egg hunt.....except Hudson, Little Bit, and Madison
Above and below, Justin on the trail of EGG.

Above, Madison and bubbles. Below, Hudson and, well, perplexed.

Above, one of the grandkids is from Laos... but we've never seen her face.
Above, Mrs. Aunt Grandma Di fixin the fixins. Below, nut cake. Appropriate.

Above, Rachel ponders the meaning of life, Hudson ponders the meaning of cake pop, and Johnathan just ponders.
Hudson poses.

And pokes....
A touching moment between father and daughter.... father on right.
Grandpa levitates the critters.

Piling on. All photos taken with the Nikon D3 and 24-70mm lens. ASA 6400 indoor, 400 outdoor, F5.6.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dogwoods and Mansion

Nature is way ahead of schedule this year... but just as lovely as always. The Kansas City Museum, Corinthian Hall.

Nikon D5000, 18-200 mm lens, ASA 200, exposure unrecorded.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Sunday night my favorite face (and the rest of her) competed in the Miss United States Teen Missouri contest at the Overland Park Convention Center. Amber was one of 19 girls competing in a combined Kansas/Missouri event. Note to self: don't take a slow lens to a fast dance.
All the girls made a first impression walk at the start... wearing basic black.

One of the best pageant moments was when each girl came out in the summer ware of their choice.... this showed their own individualism... and, I'm proud to say, Amber came in first out of 19.

Evening wear is always the classiest portion of the program.

Next to last on the program the dreaded questions.... two for each contestant. Amber did just fine.

Above, Amber taking first in the individual choice portion and below winning First Runner Up in the Miss United States Teen competition.
All shots taken with the Nikon D5000 and 18-200mm lens (truly not appropriate combination for this kind of event). ASA 3200, available light only.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Historic Northeast Mansions, Volume 7, Frank Lowe House

This Gladstone Boulevard house was built in 1905 for Frank M. Lowe, Attorney and friend of R.A. Long who had his own mansion (the KC Museum) just a few blocks north. This house is coming on the market soon... see website link at end of post.
The current owner has a wealth of photographs and documents that show Mr. and Mrs. Lowe in the home. A few are shown here. Below, the title page of a tribute to Mr. Lowe written by his son.

Above, the entryway with leaded glass door... all woodwork in the home is original.
Above, stairs to the second floor. The original Tiffany Stained Glass windows were sold by tenants, illegally, a few years ago.. the glass now is replacement.... but still very lovely.
Above and below, the lady of the house, Mrs. Frank M. Lowe.

The Lowes called their home Havenhurst.... above, picture taken in 1909... just three years after it was finished.

The living room, above and below.....

Dining room above, kitchen below.

Mr. and Mrs. Lowe sitting by the gas fireplace.... below, that same scene today..

First floor bathroom above, stairway to second floor below.

Above, stained glass nook on the landing, below second floor hallway.

Above and below, the master bedroom....

Below, second and third bedrooms.

Above, fourth bedroom and door to sun-porch.

Above, second floor bathroom, below, Mr. Lowe in his study.... hard to tell which room this was in...... could have been the blue room above.... just a guess. Bookcases are no longer around.

Above, family members knitting.... Below, the view from the third floor balcony..

Above and below, the backyard area with new deck.
Above, the back of the house, below, the oldest picture of the Lowe's the current owner has.... looks like it may have been at a ballgame......
All interior shots taken with the Nikon D3 and 14-24mm lens, F16, multiple shots sandwiched into one. Exterior shots same camera with 24-70mm lens. Interior shots ASA 800 tripod, exterior ASA 200.
This house is coming on the market soon. If you're interested you can watch for it on Eric B's website: The address is 341 Gladstone Boulevard... it's in the Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood.