Thursday, August 30, 2012

Night In The Bottoms

Nighttime trips to the West Bottoms are favorites of mine.  Last night was one such excursion. Below the 12th Street Viaduct with the skyline.. looking east.

 Nikon D800.  ISO 3200.  F56 at a 20th for most shots.  Ignored the meter.  Going for a Tri-X kinda  

Much more activity down there now even at night as more and more people are moving into the newly renovated warehouse spaces.  Lofts abound.  Never used to see anyone, now, runners, dog-walkers, people sitting on stoops chatting.   

 I still find the architecture at night enchanting..mysterious.  And black and white is perfect to convey  
                                                            those kinds of emotions.

              Above... a tabby adopted me on my trek... stayed with me the whole time I was down there.

                                               Above, alley-glimpse of KC's downtown.


Coffee Shop I just discovered... must give it a try... in daylight.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

From My Other Grandmother's Trunk

 Well, sorta from the trunk.  I found a group of negatives in my Mother's wedding album.  They were of images I have never seen before.   Mother and her parents moved down to Kansas City in 1932 from Hastings, Minnesota.  Grandfather worked for the railroad and that's where the job went.   In the Depression ... you went with it.   They first rented a house in the 200 block of Denver.  Then my Grandfather bought a house for back taxes, $750, at 143 South Drury.  They moved there in '33 or '34.
At about this same time my Mother got a dog... Mack.   A series of photos were taken celebrating that acquisition and showing the new house.... originally built in 1897.    Above my Grandfather's 1932 Plymouth (I think that's the year and model).   Plymouths were the "Grandfather Approved Make"... so our first two cars were Plymouths also.   This view is looking south from the driveway in back of the house.
 Mother and Mack in front of the house.  The Wards lived one door South, and the Forest's lived one door north.   Jack and JoJo Forest donated the large, stained glass, window that is behind the altar at Holy Cross.  Father Powers knew JoJo.
 Mack in the back yard... the Forest's garage in the background.
 Mother with new dog and existing cat (don't know the cat's name)... in the driveway... looking west.
 Mack on a stool by the fence along the back of the property line...  rooftops belong to houses along South Oakley.   There was an alley-way behind the fence.  It was forbidden territory... so, I headed out there every chance I got.  :)
 Mack in an unknown Park... I would love to be able to identify the location so if any reader's have a notion let me know.   Definitely local.... KC or Independence.
 Above, Mother, Jeanne Johnson Remley, and Grandmother,  Frances Johnson Johnson in the backyard... looks like Spring.  Also looks like the remains of a chicken coop in the background.  It wasn't there when I was growing up.
 Mack on the front steps with the Forest's house in the background.  Jack Forest owned a sign company with it's office in a store front on Grand.  We always sat in his second floor shop windows to watch the American Royal Parade go by.
 Dog and cat in driveway peaceful co-existence.   In the far background is the field where Azariah Budd has his dairy barn.... remnants of which existed into the 60s when two houses were built on the site.  
 Mother and Grandmother and Dog on the porch....  the house looks remarkably the same today.
 Grandmother and Grandfather, Harold E. Johnson, in the backyard....  all dressed up so it was probably Sunday after church at Children's Memorial Lutheran, Independence Avenue and Brighton.
My father grew up in a house at 645 South Brighton just down the street from the church.
 There was a large storage container in the yard when they first moved in.  I could guess for fuel.... but it would just be a guess.   The gravity furnace, at this time, burned coal.  It was converted to gas later on.
 Above, JoJo Forest makes a cameo with the dog.   She was a very nice lady...
 My Grandmother and Mack in the same, unknown Park... looks like maybe western Independence area?  
 More dog on stool.  Mack lived into the 40s.... I know because my Mother said he hated my Father....
 Mother, Dog, and Unknown Lady on the porch.    
Above, from 10 years or so later, in the 40s... in with the same batch of negatives.   Grandfather front with Mack.... Grandmother on the right in back.... Mother in the center... and, I believe, the others are Grandmother's relatives visiting from Minnesota.  
The rarest picture of the bunch.  Taken in the late 20s... my Great Grandmother Amanda Johnson and her Husband (whose name I will have to dig for) on the farm in Hastings, Minnesota.  He passed on before I was born, but, she was a part of my life.  
    Negatives were scanned on an Epson 3200 at 1600 dpi.   Whole images are shown, no cleanup.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This And That Out Back

 This is Across the Street Cat who has managed the art of Flat-Laying...  he likes my yard better than his yard.
                            One of two new squirrels this year.   He finds me mildly interesting.
                                    Above:  Now you see me.   Below:    Now you don't.

 Above, WHAT! 
 Above, vertical integration.
 Above, sneaking, sneaking, sneaking....   Below,  GOTCHA.

 Above, retaliation.    Below,  I have no idea.

 A rather bedraggled robin with whiskers.  Below, Dozing cat with whiskers.

Mr. Daisy, Exposure Cat, Kitty.... super alert.     All shots taken with the Nikon D800 and the Nikon 80-400mm lens,  auto-iso,  F8.  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Few Observations

Visited Observation Park on the West Side today.  I hadn't been there in a long time.  It's under-going renovation now and is looking really nice.  Great place for a picnic...   The views here are Northeast.