Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spiffy New Floor After 110 Years

The Colonnade at The Concourse over here in Northeast has new stone floors under the two domes.... looks very elegant to me.. Took a couple of shots up there today. Big cleanup planned behind the structure later this fall.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Loose Park Rose Garden

A tip of the Hyper Hat to Sarah Snodgrass over at the At Home in Brookside, Kansas City blog she reminded me with her pretty post that roses are all rosy in the fall too. Enjoy, you don't need commentary from me. These were all taken today (Wednesday). All shots with the Nikon D3 and either the 24-50mm or the 105mm macro lenses... all at ASA200.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour IV

The homes have been selected for this year's Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour.... actually six homes and one school. Above, originally an apartment building, this is now a single-family home.
Above and below Scuola Vita Nuova a Charter School residing in a former church.

Excellent examples of great architecture. The house below is obscured by trees which accounts for my novel angle.

Image below is not mine but was borrowed since the building now has scaffolding in front of it.
The tour is from 1-6pm, Saturday, November 20th. For tickets and more information visit:

New Bridge Picture

The new bridge, Bob I think, is going to be open 6 months early.... above is my impression of the dedication which I would have attended but it was invitation only.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


If the cat's on the roof then maybe somethings afoot. Mr. Daisy the cat began behaving weird even for him last week. He perched on the roof of my daughter's doll house and stayed there all day. Coincident with that was an increase in the uptake of cat food and "accidents" around the house. Then, early Friday morning, I heard sounds coming from the computer room that shouldn't be coming from the computer room and turned on the light to investigate. A small furry creature bearing a striking resemblance to a opossum trundled past my feet, down the stairs and into the kitchen. This, of course, is not good. Soooooo, I borrowed a trap from my brother who considers it a higher art form and put it in the kitchen baited with grapes and a peanut butter sandwich.... hey I don't want word to get around that I don't provide a nice spread for guests.... even the uninvited ones.
The next morning my little friend was in residence and not the least bit pleased by the whole turn of events..... he alternated between hissing and begging me to come closer to the cage. Mr. Daisy seems to have decided it was the biggest damn mouse he had ever seen and would have nothing to do with it.
He rode quietly in the back of the car as we headed to Indian Mound where a tribe of itinerant dogs seems to have encamped.... so I came part way back and let him/her (you check I ain't) out next to the woods.... It disappeared. And no... I haven't any idea how he/she got in.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Madi's Many Moods

Madison came over with her family for some pictures..... she's three. She will occasionally have a total meltdown where the core goes all the way to China.... but mostly she's just a kid.
As with any kid... they aren't just all smiles.......

These were taken in the studio with the D3, 24-50 and 105mm. 1/250th at F16, ASA 200 on all.