Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trevor and Rachel

A few from my last wedding. My Niece Rachel married her long-time boyfriend Trevor... they met at Applebee's, Table 47 (true) where they both worked. The service was at Maywood Baptist Church in Independence.

Her Sister Donna was her Maid of Honor.

Mr. Justin, ring bearer, is always up for a picture.

Hyper daughter is far left.... Kelly, Olivia, Rachel, Donna and Amanda.

Reception was at Harrah's.

Rachel made her own cake too....... and a special groom's cake below signifying their first meeting......

To those who also photograph for a living... this wedding saw the first time that the thermal switch on the SB900 shut the flash down.... high ambient temperature I'm thinking. Had to switch flash... back to the SB800 and keep shooting. Now have SD9 battery pack on order.... can't be dealing with unpredictable flashes... the battery pack utilizes 8 batteries and so should eliminate the heat load on the 900 even in our new Missouri summers.


  1. that's why I like applebees- two employees for each table. I need to go there more often.

  2. That's what you get for buying the cheapest flash Nikon makes. :)

    BTW, where are the shots of the Uncle of the Bride?

  3. Gorgeous southern belles; they look a fun couple, wish them well. Particularly love the blowing bubbles shot...certainly something I've not seen in weddings here! Good luck with the new battery pack. PS: Great shots, BTW!