Sunday, December 5, 2010

Homes For The Holidays

The Good Samaritan Project Holiday Homes Tour was Sunday in Scarritt Renaissance. Seven homes were toured by bundled tour goers.... the sun made things more than bearable. Above and below, the home of Frank and Mary.

Above, carriages conveyed visitors from home to home.... below, the door to the home of Jason and Mike built in 1924.

This home is visually stunning inside....

Above and below many of the decorations in the home were made by Mike who is an extraordinary decorator and florist.

Mike's work area.... he uses MAC so he's totally OK by me.

Tomorrow and Wednesday more from the tour.


  1. It looks beautiful but I couldn't live with all this clutter, I have enough dusting to do as it is, and I only have 3 bedrooms and no chachkies

  2. Thank you for the beautiful photos of the tour! I was remiss that I could not be there to see my brother, Mike, and Jason's house so this was so wonderful to see! Everything looks absolutely stunning!! Kathryn Stringer Hosfelt

  3. "Thank you" for making my home look great in pictures! It was a great day in the Old Northeast! I love living here! - Jason Milbradt