Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

And boy did we. Sunday, April 17th, was the Mike Elder Icing on the Cake fundraiser for Newhouse at the Overland Park Sheraton. Mike is the 3-time undefeated winner of TLC's Ultimate Cake-Off and he invited four of his cake friends to participate in the live challenge to cap off a day of cake decorating demonstrations. Brian Stevens, Debbie Goard, Bob Brougham and Ruth Rickey all from TLC and Food Network participated. I was lucky enough to be the photographer and unofficial official taster.Above, a Mike Elder cake..... remember all of these are made of cake and icing.... including the slab of ribs below with the corn on the cob and butter.....

Lots of Wizard of Oz themes.... the overall theme for the event was things Kansas City is known for... KC Wolf below...

Above and below my personal favorite. A Wizard of Oz theme with exquisite detail... Erin won a prize for her entry.

Folks were free to roam, photograph and ask question of the exhibitors... throughout the day in addition to attending demonstrations...
Above, Mike Elder, the organizer of the event, along with Vicki and Emily (Auntee Em) from Newhouse.
Above, Bob Brougham demonstrating cupcake decorating and below, left to right, Leslie Caplan, President of Newhouse, Angha Childress, Vice-President of Development, and Yve Rojas, one of the hosts for the evening competition.

Flower pot, watering can and water all made from cake and icing above.... below the 3-hour cake challenge underway..... four teams making four cakes which had to be at least three-feet tall.

Above, as the cakes took shape extras were handed out to the crowd.....

Above.... step-stool needed for assembly.
Above, Brian Stevens team created a giant rib fountain with official Chiefs arrows, smoke and barbecue sauce made from milk and food coloring.
Ruth Rickey's team made a cow pile.... celebrating KC barbecue....
Bob Brougham headed the Newhouse team which created a montage in icing of things KC is famous for.
Above.... the grand prize winner. Kansas City barbecue complete with smoke and jazz music.
Debbie Goard as she got the news that her team won and below the fruits of there labor.

You can see all 349 pictures :) here:

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