Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Very Victorian Christmas

Pendleton Heights finest Victorian Lady is in her festive finery for the Holiday Season. This Queen Anne treasure was built in 1887 for lumber baron Charles B. Leach. Current owners Kent T. Dicus and Michael G. Ohlson, Sr. purchased the home in 2003 and have painstakingly restored it room by room.

"Garfield Heights" has a grand entryway... and retains most of its original woodwork...

The main parlor adorned with paintings of the owners ancestors and furnished in the Victorian fashion.

The home has 23 of its original stained glass windows and all eight fireplaces have been rebuilt. This is the dining room... although you probably could have figured that out.

The music room above with it's feline dweller below...Tommie, who loves people but hates cats.

All shots taken with the D3 and 14-24mm or 105mm lenses... ASA/ISO 1000, F16 or F4... multiple exposures for each shot.


  1. Gorgeous. Is it open to the public to view?

  2. No, sorry Kristine it's not. Although it will probably be on a future Holiday Homes Tour in Pendleton Heights.. that's held every November and I publicize it here on my blog in advance.

  3. It's one thing to throw a bunch of Victorian "stuff" into a room, but it's another to carefully choose beautiful objects and then place them ever so thoughtfully. Kent and Michael clearly are about this latter thing, and it shows throughout the entire home. You've captured that beautifully too. Question: Do you know if those plates are by Dame Osaurus and are the people on them actual relatives of Michael & Kent? They're really nice!

  4. Linda, they are relatives, but I don't know the plate creator...

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  6. Linda, they indeed are. It's the first and only Comission Dame Osaurus has done. Kent provided antique family photos, I scanned and retouched, and milady took it from there. And Kent and Michael's place is amazing. Her dishware looks great among their (already mighty impressive) collection! Couldn't have asked for a bettter setting.