Thursday, August 30, 2012

Night In The Bottoms

Nighttime trips to the West Bottoms are favorites of mine.  Last night was one such excursion. Below the 12th Street Viaduct with the skyline.. looking east.

 Nikon D800.  ISO 3200.  F56 at a 20th for most shots.  Ignored the meter.  Going for a Tri-X kinda  

Much more activity down there now even at night as more and more people are moving into the newly renovated warehouse spaces.  Lofts abound.  Never used to see anyone, now, runners, dog-walkers, people sitting on stoops chatting.   

 I still find the architecture at night enchanting..mysterious.  And black and white is perfect to convey  
                                                            those kinds of emotions.

              Above... a tabby adopted me on my trek... stayed with me the whole time I was down there.

                                               Above, alley-glimpse of KC's downtown.


Coffee Shop I just discovered... must give it a try... in daylight.

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