Monday, December 10, 2012

Historic Northeast Mansions - Volume 8- Townley Manor

              Townley Manor, designed by Root and Siemens, was built in 1901 for prominent businessman
                   James P. Townley.   It is located right across the street east of the Kansas City Museum.

 There are rich exotic woods throughout the home....   these shots are from the first floor.  Above, the entry hall just inside the massive front door.
                                                   Above, looking west into the parlor.
 Behind the main staircase is a marvelous nook ...  with fireplace.  All the windows are original.
 The parlor looking east toward the Kansas City Museum, above..  below the parlor looking north..all pocket doors are fully functional and intact. 

 Parlor looking southwest toward Gladstone Boulevard and the front entry hall... please note cate in the foreground. Below, one of four fireplaces on the first floor.  There are two on the second floor.

 Above, entry hall looking into the dining room.  
 Above and below, the dining room.  The woodwork includes burnt english oak and mahogany. 
 Mr. Townley owned Townley Metal and Hardware Company... custom hardware throughout the home came from his sources.

 The kitchen has been completely remodeled .

 Off the kitchen is the home-office with views of the Museum grounds.

 Above, servants stairs to second floor.  Below, sitting area next to the parlor.  The large pocket door on the left can be opened to create one large room.

 Above, another view of the "nook."   Below, newly remodeled first floor bathroom.

 Above, stairway to second floor and, below, windows on the landing..

Below, the east side of the home.  Townley Manor has 5400 square feet of living space with 4 bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths.   
This home just came on the market...

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