Sunday, February 17, 2013

Low Mo

 Headed down to the River with fellow blogger XO today.  Water level is very low....  the pole was two thirds under water last spring...                               All images copyright 2013 David Remley
                      According to the National Weather Service the Missouri River level is between five and
                                                                                   six feet.
 Large numbers of people were using the River Walk today... bikers, skateboarders, hikers, walkers, and runners... Below the portion of the walk that goes under the ASB Bridge.   Above the walkway from the end of Main Street to the river observation tower.

                  Above, Heart of American underbelly,   below, good flight... not so good landing....


  1. Well, now I have to go and post mine!

  2. You can walk across the river there?????? Dear Lord, I am adding this to my bucket list!

  3. No, you can't walk across the river... except on bridges (Heart of America is the only one so far). It's low but not that low... :)

  4. Here you go.

  5. Here you go.