Sunday, January 26, 2014

Missouri Low Down

For a variety of reason the Missouri River is quite low at the moment.  While it causes official concern it also provides viewpoint opportunities for those of us with cameras.  A rock jetty which is normally under water is exposed and the "intrepid" can venture out onto it.  Enough has been exposed that one can walk to the center of the river bed.  Above and below the view from that point.
                          Above, looking east showing the exposed shoreline... below looking west.

 Above, the jetty is composed of all kinds of debris, bricks, limestone lintels, river rocks, red granite,
                                                           and undefined rusted metal objects.

                  Above, the view from almost the middle of the jetty back toward the southern shore.

Above, view toward Kansas City from the river bed.  Below, the rock jetty going north from the south shore. 


  1. I was here… enjoyed the pix…



  2. Thanks for the shout out.

    Friends of Riverfront Park
    MDC Stream Team 2560

  3. The pics are absolutely ethereal. Great job!