Friday, April 18, 2014

Real Estate Photography 101

 The bulk of my work can be divided into 1/3rds in terms of revenue.; Portraits, weddings, and real estate.   Thought I would show a recent home I photographed.  This home is located at 110 NW Hackberry Street in Lee's Summit on Lakewood Lakes.  Toni Tygart has the listing.
 Exteriors should show as many facets of the home as possible and also its relationship to the surrounding land.   In the case of this one being lakeside, one MUST show the lake.
There is extensive post-processing in Photoshop on all of these...

 I generally do two views of each room, excluding bathrooms, as it's important to show the relationship of one room to another through doorways...  I have all the lights on inside but ceiling fans turned off.   I use multiple exposures in HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography.  I adjust aperture as I go alone and, generally, shoot indoor shots at 640ASA.
 I use a Nikon 14-24mm lens for all the shots, interior and exterior.  Generally F11...

 It's really a cool house... and part of the fun of real estate photography is getting to see one's like this.


  1. Photography Inspiration: Found Book Poetry. Found book poetry is a truly fun way to create and photograph poems, using only the words on book spines.
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  2. Wow! I love the house is stunning. Thanks!