Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Montgomery House/Blue Springs Historical District

The historic Montgomery House was home of the prominent banker and lumber yard owner
E.E. Montgomery.  He owned Citizens Bank of Blue Springs and ran against Harry S Truman for County Court Judge: He and Truman were arch-rivals.  Montgomery's wife Berta was a socialite known for her fancy hats and perfect, pink, gloves.  I should add that Truman beat Montgomery by 262 votes and thus started his climb to the Presidency. 

Mr. Montgomery built this "Late Queen Anne Adaptation" home in 1895 as his personal residence. The three-story  home features a parlor, sitting room, living room, five bedrooms and thee and a half bathrooms with the original butler's pantry now serving as the dining room.  The home has original oak and mahogany woodwork, pocket doors, original mantles with coal burning fireplaces and hardwood floors.


  1. I didn't know Blue Springs HAD a historical district. Wow, what a house.

  2. I'm not sure if this would interest you, or the owners of the house ... I have a wedding invitation for Berta & Eugene, as well as his "Candidate for County Treasurer" business card & a couple other things. Let me know if you'd like them, or if there are descendants who might like them.

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