Friday, January 6, 2017

Lookin' All Shiny For Ninety

 Currently on display at the Kansas City Museum this fully restored Ahrens Fox MS4 pumper from 1927.  It was one of ten pumpers, 4 aerials and 6 hose wagons purchased by Kansas City in 1927.  It, along with other fascinating historical fire department memorabilia will be on display through March 25th... there is no admission charge.

 998 CU in Ahrens Fox 6 cylinder T head engine.  100 horsepower.    Could pump 750 gallons per minute.


  1. Simply a beautiful restoration of a great piece of firefighting equipment!!!!!

  2. Drove one in the 1960, KC FD pumper #20 as Extra driver

  3. NEAT Drove one KC FD 20 Pumper as Extra Driver 1960s