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Monday, December 6, 2010

Homes For The Holidays Part 2

In front of the Arts and Crafts home of Bill and Chris a band of carolers greeted guests....
This home could easily be the best example of this type of architecture in the midwest.... certainly in Kansas City.

Above.... I kept thinking "Antiques' Roadshow, Antiques' Roadshow" but I got caught at the door. :)
Original leaded glass above.... below the home of Joanne.... whose company is in the home restoration business...
This home was built for Mr. Townley... of Townley Hardware fame. Features mixtures of wood throughout including mahogany and various oaks.

Above, Kent Dicus docents away... Kent was chair of Pendleton Heights Home Tour this year.... the neighborhoods are very good about cooperation with each other to stage these great events.

Above... the kitchen remodeling is underway but Joanne says it will be ready for Christmas.
Below, the entryway of Steve and Becky's house... one of the best features of the old homes is the beautiful use of woods throughout... this stairway leads to the second floor... which was also on tour.

The master bedroom above and below beautiful stained glass on the landing.... and all throughout the home.

Breakfast room above which looks out over a water feature and Cliff Drive below.
Tomorrow... two more homes.... 1899 and 1906.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Homes Tour 2

Next on our tour is the Calvert Hunt home, 1904. Undoubtedly the finest example of Arts and Crafts architecture and furnishings in the city, if not the state. Lovingly restored by homeowners Bill Stout and Chris Granger this house had not been open to the public since 1912. Although it looks somewhat like concrete, the exterior is flat limestone. On our virtual tour pay particular attention to the doorways... that are intentionally non-rectangular. More Egyptian than anything. The view below is looking north from along side the front entrance.
Below, looking west into the dining room.

Above, north again up the staircase to the landing.
Notice the recessed lighting panels along the top of the curved walls. Almost everything in this home is original.
Above, looking up to the second floor.
Main entryway... this view is south.
Living room above and behind this view is the delightful nook below. Note the ceilings on either side... painted canvas. Detail below.
Benches are newly upholstered... original fabric was crimson. Restored painted canvas below. Extensive water damage had occurred in this area.

Beautiful glass throughout the house.
Dining room above. Sorry for the list to port... I was very close to the table with an extreme wide angle lens.

The above home was built in 1905 for Banker Nathan English. It's an all-brick home built in the Prairie Style. It has eight bedrooms, two and a half baths and a fireplace on every floor. The current owners, David and Carrie Kolwyck have continued the restoration of this wonderful home.

Front door, above, festive and inviting.
Gorgeous entry hall with wonderful original fixture.
Front parlor on the west side of the entryway. The house faces north fronting on Gladstone Boulevard and sits on land purchased from the Scarritt family.
Living room on the east side of the entryway with one of the many fireplaces.
Looking south from the living room toward the dining area with one of the pocket doors closed.
Above, the dining room.
I can see Sunday breakfast below and Sunday dinner above.... although I have no inside information.

Below, the refrigerator, far right, is located directly in front of the block ice delivery area... kind of fitting methinks. Tomorrow the final tour home and a look inside Melrose Methodist Church with some shots of a great choir performance.