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Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Trip Downtown

 Took a quick trip downtown Friday night just to see what I could see.  The Folly was in full lit regalia with a play about to begin.  Below, the Cathedral Dome with lights from nearby.  
 Barney Allis Plaza is normally all bright with its tree lights this time of year, but, wouldn't you know, they were off.  
 Super wide angles distort something fierce... but, sometimes it adds drama...

 Above, never have gotten used to the Bartle doodads...  I guess I'll live.  

 Above, Folly closeup, below, 40s style black and white.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Downtown Looking Up, Mostly

Old signage. "Hotel Bray" "Fireproof" "Rooms $1.50" (I think on that last one.)
Took a brief walk downtown on Saturday. I like the contrast in architecture. City Center Square on the left, Mark Twain Tower on the right.
Brookfield Building looks completely deserted.
Spoon, Barney Allis Plaza.
Few vines left for the trellis.

Library parking on left... condos on right.
Mark Twain Tower.
Tapestry of styles.
More old signage. Peck's Drygood Store...

Library parking.
Floral alleyway behind condos. Alley is between Baltimore and Wyandotte.
Greening up the alley.
Mark Twain Tower entrance.
Mark Twain Tower facade.