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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Princess Will See You Now

Princess Holly on her throne in the Kansas City Museum.  She and her sister princesses will be appearing at 3218 Gladstone Boulevard on weekends. 
 The Princess' official Fairy Escort greets the children and then sends them to the ante-chamber, below, where they wait for their audience.

 Above and below, the waving of the wand and the saying of the magic word opens the box for the children to retrieve a gift bag...

 Afterwards, while waiting for your official princess pictures, you can make special things for Christmas.

 Stop on your way out to watch the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, or, below to visit the Castle Gift Shop.... or just do both.... and don't forget your cookie !!!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Princess Arrives

The Kansas City Museum hosts the Fairy Princess for the next couple of weeks on weekends starting tomorrow, December 6th.
 For the first time in many years the Throne Room will be in Corinthian Hall and it has been gloriously decorated by Museum Staff and volunteers from the neighborhood.  Children will love this and each child gets a toy.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Princess Amber

Across from a 19th Century brownstone mansion the gates to the Kansas City Museum are open this year to special visitors seeking favor from the Princess.

Dressed in their best finery kids know that you can tell a Fairy Princess all your secrets.
Many Princesses have listened down through the years. First at Kline's Department Store.... and now at Corinthian Hall.
The entryway to the throne room is specially decorated.

Above, Princess Amber, one of four helper royalty this year greets her tiny subjects who think meeting a real princess is pretty cool.

Special needs children have their wishes too....
Princess Amber listens intently as each child, boy or girl, describes their Christmas "needs" and then, with a wave of her magic wand, a chest opens and a gift is revealed.

Mom's and Dad's can take photos or the Princess special Photo Elf will take one for a special folder.

While their pictures are printed the kids can make special decorations.....
Or, above, visit the Princess Shoppe..... but, on the way out, don't forget your cookie (no one does).
Tomorrow is the last day the Princess will be available. Visit the Museum website for location and times.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Princess Promenade

Friday night was the Neighborhood Open House at the Kansas City Museum where the 2010 Princesses were introduced. But first a reminder of the Holiday Homes Tour this Sunday. The home above is on the tour as are six other homes. For information visit this site:
The Carriage House of Corinthian Hall was the scene for festive holiday treats both of the musical and "sweets" kind. Northeast residents are invited to visit and to meet the Princesses.
Below, the Mayor stopped by and visited with Christopher Leitch the House Manager.

Above, I told you there were sweets.... Below, Indian Mound President and 1st District at Large Council Candidate Scott Wagner visited with Adam Schieber, President of Scarritt Renaissance.

Above, Truman with Laura. Below, Patrick showed that he could unhinge his jaw if necessary to absorb cupcakes.
Randy, Cate, and Jason but I have no idea what the pointing was about.

Above our neighborhood Doctor Elaine, her husband David and her brother who was visiting from Hawaii.
Above, Christopher prepares the crowd for the Princess introduction. Below, some of the crowd.

A grand Princess entrance.

Left to right, Cara, Rachel, Maddison, and Amber. The Princess will be on her throne to greet kids starting Saturday (12/4). For times and other information:
Below, Carol Barta was introduced... she was Princess at Kline's in 1956.

Christopher also took the opportunity to announce the winners of this year's Princess Halloween Contest. Pictures were taken during the Scare-It Halloween celebration this year and highly qualified judges determined the winners. Above... one of the winners who, although a princess herself, was a little shy at first.

Above.... reminiscence .....

Left to right, Amber, Maddison, Carol 1956, Bonnie 1951, Cara and Rachel.
Above and below.... another of the Halloween winners.... her expression pretty much sums up the magic of Christmas......

Above, Sam arrived in his regular carriage.... below he posed with Mom Jennifer, Cara and Carol.

Princesses mingled.... and were glad to take pictures with folks....