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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just Them

Hyper took a road trip to another part of blogger land to meet up with Donna of "Just Me" online fame and her husband Cliff. They live just west of Wellington, Missouri on sizable acreage above the Missouri River Valley. It's a beautiful place with critters and nice hospitality. Below, the couple outside on a marvelous day.

For a brief time it was dueling cameras as we both wanted photos for a blog entry or two....

But then we got to talk tractors.... Cliff's second love.
Below, the Oliver 1855 which Cliff completely restored.... it's huge....

Iris kept an eye on me..... as is advisable.

Cliff had a number of tractors.... some in storage for friend and family and some for restoration.... he sold two of them on Craig's List the day after I visited.
Iris' official portrait.
I got an official tour of the property.... lots of rolling hills and stands of trees.

A very rare picture of Hyper with Donna..... Bloggers United For Mutual Topic Acquisition. This picture was taken by Cliff.... as are the ones of Donna on her blog... which is:

The famous tractor picture.... which shows the restored Oliver.....

The super-secret blogger area (above) where "Just Me" is created....
The herd.
Jody the cow....affectionate and big brown eyes....

Tree line in the distance is the Missouri River bank.... when the Mighty Mo floods the waters come right up to the base of this hill.

The garden... a panorama with dog.. of what will be bursting with veggies this summer.... (possibly not ALL of it.... Cliff likes to plow :) )

A great afternoon in good company..... Cliff even gave me some bootlaces when I had a blow-out... I'm for sure going back this summer when all is leafed out.....