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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Up Me Beam Scotty

I visited the site of the new Kauffman Performing Arts Center last Saturday just is time for the crane operators and ironworkers to put another of the curved trusses in place. This structure is going to be a beautiful addition to the skyline and is due to open in 2011.

The 36,000 pound truss is lifted off the ground with guide ropes draped below.
Men on the ground help guide the iron as the crane swings it around and toward the building.
The largest beam hoisted into place was 184 thousand pounds.

Men on an industrial sized cherry picker await the beam and gently guide it in into place.

The truss is bolted into place.... the bottom, middle and top are secured before final tightening.

These pictures show the north side of the Performing Arts Center.... looking north across the street is this view of Bartle Hall and part of the skyline. Many thanks to Mike W., crane operator, who filled me in on some of the details.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Waffling on This One

I can't decide whether I love or don't love this building.... thus the "waffle" aspect... of course it does sorta look like an upended waffle. It's the West Edge development at 48th and Roanoke designed by architect Moshe Safdie.. who's also the designer of the Kauffman Center for the Performing arts. While certainly an intriguing edifice from a design standpoint, it is very large for where it is located and dwarfs its surroundings. One day I like it and the next day I don't like it.