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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Taken from the roof of the Scarritt Building

Monday, February 23, 2009

Marble, Mahogany , Tile and Light

It takes conviction to save an historic structure rather than level it and thank goodness there was plenty of that on hand when the Scarritt Building and Arcade were renovated a few years back.  Built in 1908 the buildings, 819 Walnut, were designed by Root and Siemens and were inspired by Louis Sullivan in both formation and detail.  The pictures above show the exterior of the Arcade structure which fronts on Walnut.  The taller building on the east opens onto Grand.  Inside the Arcade is open from the first floor to the skylight five floors above with offices ringing the airy space. The detail work in the plaster and tile is just incredible.  The Grand Ballroom is located on the Grand Avenue side.  One picture shows the lobby of the Ballroom and the other  the space prepared for a wedding last weekend.   Many thanks to Dawna and Shilah for letting me photograph their building!!