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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gladstone by Stone

Above, what I grabbed from the rubble pile.... a section of tile from the entrance floor... many of you who attended movies here will remember this....
The Gladstone Theater Building (Gladstone Hall) is being razed after a spectacular fire last month. As I approached the remains I was struck by how sturdy a building she was. Concrete, two courses of bricks with a brick facade... this was made to last. It also makes me wonder if significant portions couldn't have been saved. Currently a machine is being used to punch through the ground floor ceiling (hole in pictures above and below).

Above, where the lobby was with the stairs to the balcony on the right. Below, alley entrance on the east side. Betcha many a lad or lass snuck in here to see a movie.

Above and below, the main auditorium... paint on the walls could be from when the building wasn't a theater but a hall. Originally windows lined these walls and were bricked up.

Above, a lot of original flooring still there. Hyper came away with a souvenir of tile from the entryway.
East side of the building next to the Log Cabin.
Above, more memories rubblefied.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Signs of the Times

The new traffic circle at Benton Boulevard and St. John Avenue is almost finished and it looks wonderful. Unfortunately 20 plus signs were installed and you can hardly see it. A little bit of overkill I'd say. Our drivers over here are essentially stupid... but you can't cure that by confusing them. Note that the sign in the foreground has a sign on it explaining what the sign means.