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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lafayette Park Homes Tour - Volume 5

 Built in 1909 this duplex reflects the later Edwardian - early Arts and Crafts period.  This building was built by the the Kueser family ... Clarence "Chick" Kueser, son of the builder, was a well-known St. Louis entertainer and lived in this unit his whole life.   It's located at 2333 Park Avenue.
 The hardwood floors and plaster walls are original.  The Arts and Crafts fireplaces are of the period with reproduction Victorian quarter tile.

 Below, the homes in-between this tour site and the next. 

 In 1886 this Second Empire style home at 9 Benton Place was commissioned with a carriage house complementing the residence.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lafayette Square Homes Tour - Volume Three

In 1886 Henry Hoffman, a busman employed by Missouri Sand and Gravel Company, built this home at 2351 Albion.  The 3400 square foot home is in the French Second Empire Style.  During the 20th Century the home was a rooming house for many years and, although much of the footprint remains original, only one of the fireplace mantels survived.  The others were replaced with period pieces by the current owners.  The chandeliers hanging in the front parlor and dining room are extremely rare examples of some of the most ornate gas lighting from the 1850's. 

 There's a formal garden in the back...  the next tour home was right across the street so not too many homes to picture in between the two :)