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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Royal Wedding, First Of A Kind

Billy and Helena are the first couple to be married on the field at Kauffman its history.... and it was a gorgeous day Saturday for the nuptials... Above is a composite.... I helped the JumboTron just a little.... this was taken right after the ceremony.
Above, the Home Plate entrance where the guests and bridal party entered. Below, the groom prepared the field.
Guests sat anywhere they liked.... most right behind home plate.

Above, Billy and the Minister entered.... followed by the members of the wedding party.... last (below) were the bride, Helena and her dad Vince. Lots of steps.

As I mentioned before, a picture perfect day. The only stipulation the Royal's had was to minimize walking or standing on the grass.
Groomsmen up the first base line, Bridesmaids up the third base line. Bridesmaids were in Royal Blue with the Matron's of Honor in chocolate.

Music, minister and singer were all plugged into the PA system.

The ring-bearer (the Bride's son) was a little late to the proceedings.... I think he's just gifted at timing an entrance.

The parents and grandparents were seated on the field just behind home plate... bride's above, groom's below.

Unity Candle above and The Wedding Singer (Lorenzo) below...

Above, exiting the field and heading into the dugout....

Time for some posed shots before heading up to the reception.....

Spectacular view from the reception area.... the food was excellent and the Royal's Staff couldn't have been nicer.... a good day, and a good place to get married....