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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chalk Walk 2013

 Pretty much rained out on Saturday, Chalk Walk came roaring back on Sunday with artists making concrete efforts in design and imagery.   Held each year at the Concourse it's put together by Northeast Arts KC.

 The Remy-Ribera clan.....above.

 Kids love the jungle gym, er, bike rack..

 Tree rescue courtesy of dad.

 The Stalder Family.
 Above, my young friend Kathryn,  below, my young friend Madeline by her drawing.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chalk Walk 2011

Saturday and Sunday saw Chalk Walk return to the Concourse in Historic Northeast. Put on by Northeast Arts KC.... it was great this year because the weather cooperated. Below a shot from Sunday... the largest completed piece ...Above and below, artists at work on Saturday.... cloudy, a few sprinkles but nothing major.

Above, famous Northeast cartoonist ELBryan at work... below sculptor George Rousis with his daughter.....

Above.... all surfaces were covered with chalk.....

Above, Rebecca Koop (red hat) who heads up Northeast Arts ..... below images of the bike rack sculptures that are being considered for locations in Northeast.

The magician said his show was really good because he'd seen it before.

Above, pooches welcome.....

Kids were encouraged to apply their own makeup.....

Above, Angela, community organizer for Don Bosco and her very own critters.

Above, the Uni-bomber, or ELBryan again....

Above, the newest addition to the Bryan household and below, Gillian with her flower...

Above, rumor has it this is a self-portrait by the sponsor.

Below to the end, images from Sunday..... sunny and perfect weather early on.

The above drawing was 3D and glasses were provided.

Performance art was performed.