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Monday, June 6, 2011

Princess Crazy And The Garden

This is Princess Crazy and therein lies a tale/tail. A feral feline from the wilds of Swope Park she was exported to Kauffman Gardens for remedial personality work. Called "Princess" by those acquainted with her in the Jungle Swope, her lack of affection and anger management skills earned her the name "Crazy" by the staff at Kauffman. All paws and claws at first she settled down a little after her spaying and now allows humans to approach if done with reverence and will even allow small people to pet her. However, the space she occupies is hers and.....note photo above.... she has the body posture to indicate same.
Kauffman is more about blooms than fur beasts although Crazy does her part by keeping the rodent population at bay and, in turn, is fed... probably a little more than desirable... but I think those who had contact with her early on prefer to keep her happy in any way possible.
I was photographing a family on Sunday and took time after the session to pix some blooms.

Above, she never seems to leave the garden and spends the winter days in the tropical building...

All shots taken with the Nikon D5000 and 18-200mm lens. Mostly F5.6 at ASA 200.

So if you go visit and you see her highness... you may call her "Princess" or "Crazy" both are accurate.