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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Little Non-Traditional

 One of my job descriptions is Real Estate Photographer.  This is the busy time of the year right now with many listings coming online.  Normally I don't post the houses on my blog, but this one is very unusual.   It's in Lakewood on Hemlock Street and is listed with Toni Tygart:     I just shot this house this morning so this house won't be listed until tomorrow or Friday.

                                                  Waterfall in front of the entryway.
                                                                   It's lakefront property....

                    There are many levels to this house..... above and below are the master bedroom.  I'm not showing all the bedrooms or all the pictures...

                         Front door has art glass as do other windows throughout the home.

 Correct, that would be a pool on the lowest level... with catwalk above that leads to a second floor deck.
                                Dining area above and below.   Nice view for breakfast.

                                                                    Above, sauna.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour 2011 Part 2

Above, Erika and Randy Withers live in this 1887 Queen Anne home. Originally built for Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Curtis and their daughter Nellie, it went through many modifications before finally being restored in 2008. Below, the interior is much more open now than originally... but tastefully done...

Built in 1884 this Queen Anne was one of the first homes built in the suburb of Pendleton Heights. George H. Edwards, secretary of Edwards and Sloan Jewelry Company, was its first owner. Mr. Edwards was also Mayor of Kansas City from 1916 to 1917. Jamila Pree and Jeffrey Parker are the current owners and just exchanged marriage vows in their home in October.

Virginia Collura calls this 1907 Bungalow home. It was built for $3,250 and the living room is trimmed in mahogany with a large fireplace on the south wall. John and Virginia purchased the home in 1949 from Jerry and Rose Garafolo. It's a wonderfully warm and inviting residence..

As with the other set of photos all these images were taken with the Nikon D3, 14 to 24mm lens usually at F5.6 to F8 at 1000 to 6400 ASA.