Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sprink has Spruck in Old Northeast

Museum's tulip tree is glorious.... below, daffodils on the grounds of the Steven's Home.

Life is tenacious.... blooms on the bluffs.

Above, forsythia at the base of craggy point. Below folks enjoying North Terrace Lake... which is stocked by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Redbuds are poppin, turtles are sunnin'.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, Pigskin and Cheerleaders

Easter is the annual family feast with ceremonial tossing of the pigskin. We all gather at Chez Brother's house for roast beast and frolic. This year the girl cousins decided to cheer for the footballers and the boy cousin decided to observe..... our cast of characters follows: Taylor, 6, hates all food. Except sometimes hotdogs and stuff on the outdoor grill. Head cheerleader and frequent instigator.
Above, Justin, age 4, too young to catch so far.... but hopes to join in next year... favorite food is chicken noodle soup... less frequent instigator.
Above, Maddie, age 3, loves carbs and aspires to be head cheerleader. Usually instigated upon.
Above, as Maddie watches Taylor demonstrates some of the finer points of cheer athleticism as Uncle Bubba gets the football from the shed of glory.
Leaving your feet as often as possible (above and below) is essential. Holding a small purple shovel is optional.

Above, Taylor rounds out her display with a cartwheel and (below) Maddie shows what she's learned.
Facial expressions noting intensity are vital in conveying the pleasure of rooting on the home team... or ball tossers.
One must be versatile enough to show happy sideways.

Above, pink shovel and ring pop may be used in place of pom poms. Below, Taylor, with blue lips, gives final pep briefing to her new apprentice as Uncle Bubba heads back from the shed with the official football.
Below.... first catch is SUCCESS.... and everyone is thrilled.... excellent form is shown by the cheer squad and Justin was loudly happy too.
You know you've done well when the player applauds your effort!
After the big toss cheer person Maddie re-hydrates and gets ready for CARBS.
Below.... note to Justin. If you're going to bean your sister with a yellow plastic egg... don't do it in front of your crazy blogging Uncle.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Gallery Time

Kelly, The Kid, had some photographic assignments for her class to do... so while home on Easter break we headed to the Nelson Gallery of Art.... specifically the Photographic exhibits in the Bloch Building. Below is the ceiling in the garage... showing skylights.
Old and new above.... all new below..... the Bloch Buildings demands to be seen in black and white.

Despite the lack of crowds in the pictures the Gallery was full of people.... lots of little ones too.
Where 30's meets 00's....

Above the ceiling.... below, this one needed to be in color.
The Kid taking notes.... she has to write a review of the space for her Introduction to Photography Class.
Below, pondering in progress ;)

Man and photos in a photo.
Kirkwood Hall, above, Rozelle Court below.

Southern vista... we managed to dodge the rain for a few outdoor photos. Below, Butt and Bird.

The Gallery stands where the home of William Rockhill Nelson stood.... the founder of the Kansas City Star donated most of the money for the old structure... Mary Atkins provided the rest. Below... entryway lights.
$5 charge for parking in the underground garage... Museum itself is free.
Above..... leaving this post with these posts. Tomorrow we head for the West Bottoms. Just as a side note.... all these were taken with my newly repaired Nikon D200. Thank heavens it seems to be working fine. I guess we're all better after a trip to the West Coast :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hyper Joins TKC

From now henceforth... all Hyper's blog posts... be they nature, architecture, The Kid, history or miscellaneous uninteresting will be accompanied by soft-core cat pictures. These will titillate the readers of this blog for no apparent reason and to no apparent end and is designed to boost page hits. Other features to come are crossword puzzles with Latin slang, fun facts about boating and pure dirt on my facebook friends. Tip of the hat to Tony for the idea. Above picture stolen from http://www.damnfunnypictures.com/funny-animals/4841/cats-in-bikinis/