Friday, June 11, 2010

Into the Woods.... Again

First time I've ever seen a baby Cardinal.... Dad and Mom were taking turns feeding him/ of them was always by the side of the baby. Difficult to get a clear shot in the middle of a Redbud tree.
Hover flies coming in for a landing on a thistle bloom.
Dew in the early morning is pretty on grass above and prevents many insects from flying until their wings dry. Such was the case with the Dragon Fly below... who was cooperative because he really had no choice.
Below... may, or may not, be a crash landing.... could just be resting.

Above, bugs in love.
A lot more fungus than usual this spring.... heavy rains and humidity.

More later.... I was going out again today but it's just too dang humid.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


One of my favorite tasks is creating portfolios for models or pageant entrants. This was my second session with 11-year-0ld Taya who will be competing in a pageant in St. Louis at the end of July. The photo above will be her headshot in the program.
She is unusually "professional" for her young age able to switch between fun-loving pre-teen and pro-poser. It's made easier because she has an excellent coach, Lorenzo Johnson, who has great ideas of his own and solicits my view too.

For modeling purposes children are lit and posed much as adults would be...keeping everything age appropriate however. Lighting is the same. Photos tend to be cropped more than if I were doing a regular session with a child of 11.

We do as many outfits as time permits and venture outside when weather allows... the outfit below was a particular favorite of Tayas.... these outdoor images were taken just west of the Kansas City Museum in an area of Scarritt Point that is not mowed.... beautiful scenery.... although Miss Taya is NOT, I repeat NOT fond of smallish critters....

The outdoor shots were taken with a 70-200mm lens mostly at F11 and around 150mm at ISO 400. I used a softbox on the camera's flash to soften the effect and avoid specular highlights...the inside shots were taken with the 105mm lens at F16.... all images made with the Nikon D3.

Taya's Mom was in charge of hair and makeup and did a splendid job. In her very first pageant Taya came in fourth which is remarkable for a first time appearance. I'll keep you posted... it will be fun to follow her career.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blooms and Fungus Amungus

Common sulfur flutterby feasting on thistle (above). Below, wild onion in flower.

A lot of fungus this year.... since it's been relatively wet....

Above, the morel of the story (sorry).
Above and below red cup fungus.... very tiny... about the size of your pinky fingernail... likes the forest floor... most of these shots were taken along Indian Mound Trail.

Above, American Hover Fly getting takeout. Below, the beautiful symmetry of dandelion seeds.

Above yard clover very closeup.... below, same for thistle....
These bottom three were in a neighbor's yard.... don't know what they are but I like them.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Niece Has Arrived-Welcome Erica Riann Heath

Hyper is another Uncle as Donna and Jeremy Heath welcomed new daughter Erica into the world Tuesday afternoon... a little over 6 pounds and 18 inches... she joins her brother Justin and sister Taylor.

I left these pictures large enough to download... so help yourselves family....

Hyper had named her Muffy prior to birth..... but Erica is nice too.... so I'll go with that.

Below.... eyes are blue for now at least.
Below ... Aunt Rachel holds her .... Trevor in the background.... doing their wedding in July.
Above.... cousin Madison was pleased to say the least.... her Mom Amanda is expecting in August.

Mom and baby get to go home Thursday....