Friday, June 11, 2010

Into the Woods.... Again

First time I've ever seen a baby Cardinal.... Dad and Mom were taking turns feeding him/ of them was always by the side of the baby. Difficult to get a clear shot in the middle of a Redbud tree.
Hover flies coming in for a landing on a thistle bloom.
Dew in the early morning is pretty on grass above and prevents many insects from flying until their wings dry. Such was the case with the Dragon Fly below... who was cooperative because he really had no choice.
Below... may, or may not, be a crash landing.... could just be resting.

Above, bugs in love.
A lot more fungus than usual this spring.... heavy rains and humidity.

More later.... I was going out again today but it's just too dang humid.


  1. Nice shots. Yes, the air here today is so thick you can slice it like bread.

  2. I hear The William Tell Overture, "Call to the Cows" portion, when I see these.

  3. I swear your photography is only getting better. Great job

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