Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From Pilgrim to Brio

Last Saturday I photographed a wedding in one of my favorite places.... Pilgrim's Chapel on Gillham Road... Originally the Lutheran Chapel for the Deaf it is now one of the best places to hold a smaller wedding. It seats 72 people.... exactly.... but it's a delightful and scenic church.
All but the shots during the actual service were done with the D3 and 24-50mm lens... outside at 400 ASA, inside at 800. The shots during the ceremony were taken with the 70-200mm, same camera, set at 6400ASA.

Amy, below, was escorted down the aisle by her son......
I never use flash during the service and the Chapel is rather dark, photographically speaking, so it mandated the use of ASA 6400 for the shots of the exchange of vows.... in the days of film that was tough..... not so much with digital...
Amy and Ryan exchange vows administered by Reverend Roger Coleman who, along with his wife, operates the Chapel. I've done a number of weddings officiated by Rev. Coleman and they are always very calm and organized. He also does very special things when families that are blending join.

It was sprinkling most of the time we were there including the shots above and below....

The bride and groom were driven to the reception in a limo.... in a rain.... but we stopped at the Nichols Fountain anyway.... you just can't pass up this opportunity because of a little downpour.
The reception was in one of the rooms at Brio on the Plaza.... excellent food and service.
Above panorama includes three pictures stitched together in Photoshop.
Above, the traditional face smash.... and below the Magic Bus which carried family and friends on an adventure in the city..... I understand the stops included The Levee and Knuckleheads...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Amber in Autumn

Tis' the season for Senior Pictures and Lee's Summit's finest visited on Sunday. Amber is in her senior year and we did studio shots and then traveled down to one of my favorite spots... the West Bottoms... for some location work. She's wants to be a Registered Nurse and is already taking a course to that end.
These are just a few of the 88 shots she has to choose from.

Amber also dances and has entered several pageants.... winning Miss Photogenic in her last outing.... she's fun and a very good sport to sit on the ground :)
Studio shots were taken with the Nikon D3 and the 1o5mm... my favorite portrait lens... location shots were with the same camera and some with the 24-50mm lens, but most with the 70-200mm lens wide open at 2.8. ASA 200 on all shots.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stopping to Smell the Posies

On my usual stroll along Cliff Drive today I decided to stop and snap some flowers. Summer's last gasp....

Above and below, Touch-me--nots.... the bloom turns into a seed pod that likes to "explode" if you touch it.

Above, berries on Bush Honeysuckle.... but I've never seen anything trying to eat them.