Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Colonnade

I photograph this more than any other public structure... it's just so elegant. Built in 1908. It's the crown jewel of the Concourse. This is a total of 20 exposures combined into 4 shots that were stitched together to make one. I removed streetlights because I hate their positioning.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pendleton Tome Hits the Market

I was pleased to collaborate on a new book featuring the fine architecture in Pendleton Heights both lost and still standing. This was produced by the Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association and the effort was led by Kent Dicus and Michael Ohlson aided by Su Collura and Erica Van Dee..... it's a beautiful hardcopy edition with high quality printing.... shows an historic view of an area and then the exact same view today. Pendleton Heights has the finest collection of Victorian homes in the city. It's a limited edition... so, if you'd like one, hurry!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Constructive Demolition Part Two

Work on the Michael Heim house on Benton Boulevard continues. The goal is restoration of the property to its original appearance in the 1880s. The added porch is now gone and contraction workers and brick layers are preparing to replace those elements that were changed. Below, what the home looked like before the work began.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gene the Barber

In a row of shops across from the Gladstone Theatre between Elmwood and Lawn Gene the Barber plied his trade for five decades. One of the nicest men you'd ever want to meet his passions were golf, sports and family. I started going to him when he worked in the same barber shop back in the 50s... then it was "Sal's Barbershop." Later, Gene bought the shop and reduced it from four chairs to two. Mike Morris was his long-time second chair.

The haircuts were always perfect and, since the barbershop never changed in decor, it was a little trip back in time whenever a haircut was necessary. Young men called him "Mean Gene the Cutting Machine" and were so loyal to him that they would come in from Grain Valley and places further.

His daughter always decorated the shop for Christmas with a tree in the window. Only two subjects were forbidden in the shop.... politics and religion.... see... he was also wise.

Gene, through his front window, watched over the years as the Gladstone went from movie theatre to roller rink to church to beauty school... but, while it changed, he never did.

Above, I talked him into posing for me a couple years before his retirement.... barber chair and golf club... that was the man.

Toyo view camera, 90mm lens, t-max 400 4x5 black and white film, exposure unrecorded. Available light.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Constructive Demolition

Workmen today started removing the second floor porch on the east side of the Michael Heim House on Benton Boulevard. Leslie, the new owner, has planned all along to restore the house to the way it originally looked after construction in the late 1800s. When completed the home should look like it's twin one door north which was constructed for Michael's brother Ferd. The Heim family was owner of the Heim Brewery in the East Bottoms. We'll keep you posted on progress. Ferd Heim house below.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flag Flies High

The Jacob Loose Memorial Flagpole was rededicated today. The pole stands near the Meyer Boulevard Entrance to Swope Park..Refurbished and painted it stands close to 200-feet tall. Originally dedicated on July 5th 1915 in front of a crowd of 70 to 80 thousand people it had fallen into disrepair in years past and the four plaques that adorned the base were missing. All have been restored.

Parks Director Mark McHenry was master of ceremonies and other guest speakers read portions of the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address.

Mr. George Bates' Great, Great Uncle was Jacob Loose... he and his brother, Nathaniel did the unveiling of the refurbished plaque.

The American Legion Band then played the Star Spangled Banner and nearby Battle of Westport Reenactors fired a canon......