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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From My Grandmother's Trunk

My Grandmother, Flora Vetter Remley around 1906
 My family arrived in KC in the 1800s...  one side around 1871 and the other in the early 1880s.  Both families resided on the West Side of Kansas City until the 19-teens when they dispersed somewhat throughout the city with my Vetter side moving to 645 Brighton in Northeast KC in 1913-14. Above are my Aunts Margurite and Emma, Flora's sisters, sitting next to the captured Spanish canon that still resides in the same spot on the Paseo Boulevard at about 12th street. Looks to be around 1906-7.
 My Aunt Margurite made hats so they were always on display in the early photographs.   Below, Flora and Lawrence, my future grandparents in the foreground... with Margurite and unknown in back... all on a picnic in Swope Park.
 Above, James Rosebury Remley, my Great-Grandfather, and his sons Lawrence, left, and Eugene.  James founded the Broadway Bank... the building still stands and was the home to Old Theater Architectural Salvage... it still houses a similar business. This was probably taken in front of his house on Pennsylvania Ave. The house was leveled to make way for Southwest Trafficway.  The home they move into after that, 2122 Jefferson, still stands.   Below, my Grandparents on the other side,  Flora's parents,  George Vetter and his wife Anna Farrar Vetter.   My Grandfather Vetter managed Huttig Mills which was located near Southwest Trafficway and Broadway for years and then moved to Northeast Kansas City.  In Northeast it used to sit where the North/East Library is now.
 Flora attended Lowell School and then Daniel Webster (Webster House now)   I have some of her report cards from both schools... and below two examples of math work at Webster.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

KC Parks Part Four: Swope

Swope Park is the 29th largest municipal park in the United States. It's 1,805 acres were donated to the City in 1896 by Thomas Swope whose Memorial Gravesite is contained on the grounds. Above, Lake of the Woods on Gregory and, below, the approach to the Swope Memorial.

Above and below the site of Colonel Swope's grave.

A wonderful view from the Memorial looking west.

Above and below, two more views of the Lake of the Woods... popular place to fish and picnic.
Below, the Pavillion, not far from the western entrance to the Park.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flag Flies High

The Jacob Loose Memorial Flagpole was rededicated today. The pole stands near the Meyer Boulevard Entrance to Swope Park..Refurbished and painted it stands close to 200-feet tall. Originally dedicated on July 5th 1915 in front of a crowd of 70 to 80 thousand people it had fallen into disrepair in years past and the four plaques that adorned the base were missing. All have been restored.

Parks Director Mark McHenry was master of ceremonies and other guest speakers read portions of the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address.

Mr. George Bates' Great, Great Uncle was Jacob Loose... he and his brother, Nathaniel did the unveiling of the refurbished plaque.

The American Legion Band then played the Star Spangled Banner and nearby Battle of Westport Reenactors fired a canon......

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ethnic Enrichment Festival

A feast for the eyes and tummy awaited today at the 31st Annual Ethnic Enrichment Festival held in Swope Park. The Festival began Friday and ran through 6pm today. Sixty cultures were represented through food, music, dance and crafts... Totally friendly groups who didn't hate a guy with a camera.
Above, fashion show.... below Indian dancer.

The entrance with a flag for every represented nation.

The bison burger was tempting but I ended up eating at the Ecuadorian booth.

Hyper had the fritada and lemonaide. Below, my line.

Above, former Mayor Richard Berkley was there.

Apparently, there really is a RoadRunner .... he was popular with the smaller humans.

Above, I don't know.
Above, siesta, below, beauty queen.

The costumes worn for the fashion show were beautiful.... I found the best place for photos is behind the pavilion just before the fashion show... all are lined up and gracious in posing.

Just so I don't hear from Meesha.... FOOD. The Ecuadorians had never heard of a Philly Cheese-steak.

Above, my neighbor Olga who was in charge of the Ecuador booth... and who made my FOOD below.

Above... the paparazzi.... below the "subject".... Croatian garb.....

You can get your hair painted green, or, in the case of fellow blogger XO painted on.

Above, the kids tent with stuff to do including making hats from grocery sacks.

Above... this poor young man was dying... despite the umbrella and fan. It was warm but in the shade plenty cool enough.

Above, siesta number 2..... below... before the Indian dance began one of the performers spotted friends in the audience... she was awesome.....

Above..... this old tree has been there for all 31 festivals.... and maybe even before the land became Swope Park.....

All in all... a great afternoon. I try to go each year.... Parks and Rec and their sponsors do an awesome job.