Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour Teaser

From 1 to 6pm on Saturday November 28th you can see four beautiful homes, three from the late 1800s and one from the early 1900s, decorated for the Holidays. Plenty of parking is available for the walking tour.... all of the homes are within a block of each other as shown by the map below.

Visit the Pendleton Heights Homes Association website for more information.... you can reserve your tickets in advance while you're there.

One address is 1851 Pendleton KCMO 64124 in case you wish to MapQuest.

Pendleton Heights is in the Historic Northeast area of Kansas City, Missouri.

Some interior shots below from this year's homes. All are elegantly restored and a visual treat even if they weren't decorated for the holidays!

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  1. It looks like it is going to be an amazing tour! Thanks for the photographs. Pendleton Heights is such a nice looking area.