Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nearly 1000 Participate in Cliffhanger Run/Walk

At 9 am Sunday morning runners and walkers from all over the city gathered at the east entrance to Cliff Drive for the start of the Cliffhanger 5k and 8k races. Staged by the Kansas City Track Club the funds generated benefited Gladstone School (my alma mater thank you very much) and Neighbor to Neighbor an agency founded to help those who don't have and can't get health insurance.

Nearly 1000 participated in the event which was blessed by mild temperatures and sunny skies.

Fresh out of the gate the first runner passes my position which was totally stationary.

All ages and both genders participated in the races. Both courses ran along the Cliff Drive Scenic Byway in Northeast Kansas City. One of the few urban byways in the nation.

That may, or may not, be a wigged runner on the left.

Holy cow.... smiling runners..... very rare....
Below Geoff and Jen Henggeler and what appears to be a stolen baby.
The Burnetts, John and Ingrid... both avid runners. Ingrid set a personal best in the 5k... no word on if John has finished yet.
When not cartooning for the Northeast News Bryan Stalder walks the Drive with his family.
5k turnaround was just past North Terrace lake.... 8k turnaround was further along the drive. Reservoir Hill is in the background.

These shots were taken from the Lexington Avenue Bridge.


  1. the fact that your shots are multi-stand-pointed leads me to believe that a) you also run, b) you drove, c) they were slow, d) you hired me to get the bridge shots and owe me money.

    smiling runners = people who notice things = smart people

    "no word on whether he's finished yet" … priceless.*

    *(because laughing is hard to do)

    we have subtracted some oldness points from your record.

    please celebrate or abstain (both points-neutral activities)

  2. A :t: comment is like a ray of sunshine in a mine shaft... so I shall celebrate. Logistics were as follow: 1) walked to site along the Drive, 2) waited for runners/walkers to speed/meander by, 3) proceed at hurried pace back to house to pick up car (met everyone I've ever known in the process thus slowing things down, 4) drive car to Lexington Bridge... ignored 17 signs at the Benton Circle to do so rapidly, 5) snapped pix of runners/walkers at lake. Went home and ate a cookie.

  3. What a hoot. Great pictures, wonderful scene of one of the best runs in KC.
    Jim Guglielmino

  4. Wonderful photos - thanks for sharing them.