Saturday, February 20, 2010

Take A Hike

The Cliff Drive Scenic Byway has lots of opportunities to get some good exercise by walking the Drive or by hiking the Indian Mound Trail. I've created maps that show both the human hiking trails (red) and the routes the animals use (green) which are oftentimes usable by us as well. Blue represents water in either spring or pool form. The top map shows the Byway from Elmwood Ave. and Gladstone Boulevard east to Indian Mound and Belmont Ave. The bottom shows the Byway from Elmwood and Gladstone west to Scarritt Point and the midpoint access to the Drive. HyperHouse is indicated by a red dot on the top map.

Cliff Drive is closed each weekend to motorized traffic so it's a great time for a family hike. The Trail is moderate in difficulty but make sure footwear is waterproof.

Click on the images below to make them larger. These are stolen from Google Maps and marked up in Photoshop. The top map shows the Indian Mound portion of the Byway, the bottom shows the Scarritt Renaissance section.

Cliff Drive was created between 1890 and 1910. It was designed by George Kessler for whom the surrounding parkland is now named. Originally called North Terrace Park it was complemented by West Terrace Park which was adjacent to what is now Case Park by Quality Hill.

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