Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour IV

The homes have been selected for this year's Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour.... actually six homes and one school. Above, originally an apartment building, this is now a single-family home.
Above and below Scuola Vita Nuova a Charter School residing in a former church.

Excellent examples of great architecture. The house below is obscured by trees which accounts for my novel angle.

Image below is not mine but was borrowed since the building now has scaffolding in front of it.
The tour is from 1-6pm, Saturday, November 20th. For tickets and more information visit:http://www.pendletonheights.org/

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  1. David,
    This is the nun's house/ old convent (the first/top home). Sisters (Sacred Heart order) that taught at St John the Baptist Catholic grad school ( now Don Bosco).,
    I grew up/ lived next door to the south.