Sunday, September 12, 2010

Black Veterans' Memorial Dedication Ceremony

A bright blue sky helped make it a perfect day for the dedication of the Black Veterans Memorial at 12th and the Paseo Sunday afternoon. Above is the flag, raised for the first time today, honoring the war dead. This memorial is located above the Fitzsimons fountain honoring the first American officer killed in World War I.
It is directly north of the very familiar cannon on Paseo Boulevard.

Lights and benches line the approach to the flag.... above, below... many veterans on hand for the ceremony.
Above, George Biswell, veteran and long-time Parks Department employee.

The band was from Fort Leonard Wood.

Buffalo soldiers were gracious and allowed me to photograph them. Above and below.

Above, the Junior ROTC helped with handing out programs and crowd control.

Mayor Funkhouser, above, read a proclamation and John Fierro, below, Chair of the Parks Board gave a few remarks.

Ollie Gates, above, and Congressman Clever, below also spoke.

The men in green and white are The Enshriners a philanthropic organization that made the Memorial possible. Below probably the oldest veteran there, Lucius, 90 years young and the father-in-law of Chuck Moore who was the Master of Ceremonies.

The raising of the flag.

Above, a member of the color guard and her family.... below, Congressman Cleaver, Councilwoman Deb Hermann and Mark McHenry head of the Parks Department which staged the event.


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  3. I had really wanted to make this but couldn't. Thanks for capturing it.

    Scott W.

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