Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holiday Homes Tour in Scarritt Renaissance

The homes for the 2010 Holiday Homes Tour over here in jolly old Northeast have been announced. This year the Tour will be on Sunday, December 5th from 2 - 5pm. Tickets will be available at the old Corinthian Hall Carriage House on Indiana between Gladstone Boulevard and Windsor Avenue. More detail as we get closer... but save the date.


  1. As much as you promote this neighborhood, they should just give you one of these houses.
    Maybe we can make a cutout board where people stick their face in a picture and make some major money during the tour. A piece of cardboard and a stack of polaroids= rich!

  2. I totally agree... and I ain't too picky either. I keep asking the residents of these homes ... "if I promise to be really, really quiet.. can I live here?"Amazing how they all have the police on speed dial.