Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cinema DSLR

I'm videotaping a wedding a week from Saturday and have the gear I need, but I wanted to see what the quality was of the Nikon D5000 output in video mode. Soooo, trekked on over to Cliff Drive (where else) and did some shooting. Not my best work by a loooooong shot... also, while the camera worked well, it just won't do for the situations one faces at a wedding. Perhaps, during the service, it could be over in the corner giving me one more angle. We'll see.

But, while I cinemztizing the leaves cooperated by falling... and two hawks decided to put on a little air show... they were using the constant breeze to wind surf... pretty interesting.

Anyway... the movie below is interesting but certainly far from acceptable technically. In fairness though this is reduced from 500mb to 14.7.... the uncompressed looks much better.


  1. little shaky,but I liked the soundtrack

  2. I have trouble distinguishing between hawks and buzzards.

  3. Hawks are cuter and certainly more graceful. We do, on occasion, have some turkey buzzards over here that are ugly as all get out. It WAS a very shaky experience Meesha.... not used to tiny video cameras where there is no autofocus and the zoom is manual... excuse number 1... more coming if necessary.

  4. Now you know how I felt trying to video the Thunderbirds in their F-16s at the Whiteman AFB Airshow. I would have given almost anything to have an optical view finder instead of the LCD screen on Sigrid's pocket camera in the blazing sun.

  5. My experience with the D5000 told me that, while the quality of the image would be "acceptable", the lack of ease of use ruled it out as camera number two. So I have a new one coming tomorrow.... will post some video from it this week.....