Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Puss Puss

It's time once again for the First Annual Companion Animal Portrait featuring his inimitable self.... Mr. Daisy. He acquired his name because when he was a kitten I thought he was a girl. He wasn't. I hate learning new things so daughter and I added the "Mr.". He doesn't know the difference. He's 15. Above is the, "And exactly what are we going to be doing here pose."

Above, standard profile with eyes glazing longingly toward the horizon. Below, moderately threatening look which I receive 10-12 times a day and every time I fetch the cat carrier.

Above, alert, forward facing... standard for Urban Feline Uprising ID photo. Below, pensive and/ or "this is crap" look.
Below, good headshot with a nice steady gaze that seems fairly neutral. No animals were hurt in the making of this series although we came really, really close once.
All studio shots with the Nikon D3 and 105mm macro lens... 1/250th at F16 ASA/ISO 200.


  1. And what did you light him with? Looks like two soft boxes?

  2. Big softbox on left, small silvered umbrella on right and bare flash head behind and above.

  3. As an occasional volunteer at Wayside Waifs, I have seen enough cats to know what they look like when they are older. Not only are your photos really nice, but your cat is in good condition and trusts you enough to pose for you--even with (possibly) strange equipment around. Kudos, kudos!

  4. ahhhh he is so cute 3rd photo is unreal love it