Sunday, March 6, 2011

Filigree Intent

Bond Bridge, afternoon sun.
Nikon D3, 70-200 F2.8 zoom, five exposures, base exposure 1/500th at f11, ASA 200. Processed in Photoshop and Lucis.


  1. I am yet to drive over this bridge.Every time I go North it's the Heart of America bridge. I feel like I just need to drive there without waiting for a reason.Cool pics.

  2. I think you should do it Meesha.... it is really cool to drive across. The deck of the old bridge is now gone and the structural steel will disappear next.

  3. love the shots, HB. more great work, for sure.

    I'm loving the way cool architecture has come and is still coming to down. Really nice

  4. Yes...great pix. Hope to see more of this structure from you. I finally sprung for the best camera I could afford, a humble Nikon 3000. I need a light kit and some filters, and a tripod, but not this month. (grin).

    Not shooting much yet, I'm brushing up on my fundamentals, for it's been a long time. There are some nice online courses to remind me about depth of field, lighting, composition, creative techniques. I know what looks good and what breaks the rules poorly, but I haven't shot photos other than my kids for decades. To let you know, I printed more pictures of Pres Nixon when I was working in an Army photolab than all other pix put together. heh heh. Tricky Dicky.

    These digital SLR's sure make it easy... and no stinky chemicals! My plan, after watching y'all is to go shoot the city that I don't see on the internet.

    Anyway, I do love reading you photographers and seeing your local work. I try not to steal too much of it but I am a screensaver addict. And have no prob when you put your websites on your pix if you don't ruin them.

    Much as I've reposted, only one woman has asked me to pull down her stuff and she reniged when I agreed to post a copy of her awardwinning photo with her website on it. She sells that shot. I was glad to do it.

    Anyway, there's some serious talent in this town! And the more ya talk about it, the more I like reading and browsing.

    rman sed it...if you post this, feel free to delete my rambles in a few days. Words, not so much.

  5. PS... enjoy the pix I was telling you about

  6. Looking Good Hyper! Love your stuff and the latest photos are wonderful, as always.