Saturday, March 19, 2011

Honeysuckle Be Gone

Saturday stalwart residents of Northeast, Pendleton Heights, Scarritt Renaissance and Indian Mound helps clear bush honeysuckle from an area just west of the Colonnade on the Concourse.
We worked in partnership with KC Parks and Recreation which furnished men, chainsaws and a wood chipper... the difference is remarkable....

Above and below show the area before we attacked.

Above Mike and Olga raking and piling.

All ages were involved in the clearing and cleanup.
Above, Leslie getting some exercise.
As usual over here much of the work was done on hillsides....

Above, Adam Schieber rakes.... after the scrub trees and honeysuckle was cut the stumps were painted with herbicide. After a couple of weeks Parks and Rec will come back in and cut the stumps at ground level. Thus this area can then be regularly mowed to prevent re-occurence.
Mike, foreground and Jeff in the background.... we hauled the branches up the hill and Parks chipped them.... two truck loads came from this relatively small area.
Above, Jason multi-tasking... he is the Neighborhood Beautification Czar for Scarritt Renaissance.

Leslie in the background (blogged her home in a recent post) raking so the stumps are visible.
Our crew started at 9am and Adam broke out the grille at noon. The rain started just as we began eating.
Above, Andrea, community organizer for the new HELP organization and Don Bosco....

Kade and Kerry above in Dad's truck.
Malenda... assistant beautification czarina and person in charge of our bicycle rack art project. More on that in a future blog.
What a difference a day makes.... Parks and Rec furnishes the tools, the neighborhood furnishes gloves and trashbags.

Hard work but well worth it. It's good to partner with the City in these projects.


  1. This story is fantastic. People coming together to make the parks better. Good work. How does your neighborhood arrange these events?

  2. Scarritt Renaissance is the lead neighborhood in this case and put out the word via email and local newspaper. Also, word of mouth helps. We consult with Parks and Rec to make sure they can offer support on the day we pick.... they are always very accommodating which makes the partnership so great. We will be attacking the honeysuckle up there all summer.

  3. Wonderful! And it actually looks like fun even though it was obviously hard work.

  4. True, it is fun. The real enjoyment is in seeing "immediate" results from just 3-hours work. And, with proper followup, it can be a permanent change.

  5. Great work, both in the clearing and documentation. Thanks for the clearing, from those of us in the city who will enjoy it and benefit. Kudos to you all!

  6. Thanks for the reply, it's really cool to see how things get done on a neighborhood level.