Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Look Ma No Brakes - Tweed Ride

Saturday saw tweed in abundance as vintage bikes made an appearance at the Colonnade and along Cliff Drive. Participants from as far away as Columbia, Mo. came to town to participate... above the riders head off to Reservoir Hill... from there they went along Cliff Drive to the Elmwood entrance and then back to the Museum.
Above, Lane Wood, Eric Rogers, and Mark Rainey, the event organizer, relaxed before the start of the ride.
Above, Nancy McDonald and Caesar.
Above.... representing the Spokesmens Vintage Bicycle Club of Independence L - R Mark Christian, Lance and Clifford Deel. Below, the Lawwwells Brian, Logan, Parker and Jana came in from Lee's Summit.

Above and below Tres Wood from Excelsior Springs atop and next to the "Bonebraker Rideable" which is notable for its solid rubber front tire and NO brakes. You really have to plan ahead on that one.

There were contests for best dressed and best bike and a raffle for an older bike.

Above, judging the entrants... Northeast's own Malenda Shahane, right, was taking names.... she later rode with the other participants.

Above, women's mustache contest.... below.. they're off......

See ALL the pictures here: http://gallery.me.com/dremley#100517&bgcolor=black&view=grid

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  1. Now this is why I LOVE living in historic Northeast. I had to work, but I will be there next year in my finest tweed!