Friday, June 1, 2012

New Beds, Old House

 New flower beds have been added to the grounds of the Kansas City Museum..  modeled after those that existed back when it was a residence.   Two line the front walkway on the south side of the home.
 Above, a fish-eye was used to capture the beds...the Nikon 10.5mm dx lens.  I don't like to use a fish eye when buildings are involved as it always distorts... some minimal corrections done in this case in Photoshop Camera Raw.  Below, roughly the same view using the 14-24mm lens.  Less distortion and less correction.   The fish-eye is a DX lens whereas the camera is an FX.  The D800 automatically sets itself for the smaller coverage area by cropping.  It reduces the image size from 36 megapixels to 16.

 Above, the Carriage House with its new windows and doors..  a little paint removal remains to be done where the old Hall of Nature entrance was.   Below, the caretakers house where the Museum offices are today.

 Two more new beds are in back along each side of the north side walkway.  The wisteria is done for the year.

 Above the new hvac installation on the west side...
 Above, more of the north side, Below, the east side of the house.
Thanks to Christopher Leitch, House Wizard, who allowed me to skulk around the grounds.


  1. Are these with your new camera? They are simply amazing. So good to see the gardens come back to life! Some of my friends think I live in Europe! Keep up the great work you do!

  2. David, thank you for reminding us again, with your sensitive photography, how really beautiful our neighborhood is.