Friday, June 8, 2012

Northeast Portraits

 Above, the Scarritt House circa 1907, below the Palazola Home circa 1880s.
 Mystery home.... guess it correctly and win nothing.
All Nikon D800, 24-70mm lens...  ISO 100, multiple images merged.   Aperture F13-16.  All images converted using a super secret filter in Photoshop CS6...


  1. Frank and Mary Murphy's?


  2. No... it's the Tiffany Mansion, 100 Garfield Ave.

  3. Hey, Dave...
    So you're using CS6 already... Wow! How do you like it? I'm still plugging along with PS 7.. Spending my play money on fancy 3D CG stuff - Poser Pro 2012, Vue 10, etc... I need to save up for CS6, though.

    Fantastic photos here, Dave!

  4. CS6 is the best Photoshop update I've ever worked with. All the revamps of the interface make sense and the new tools, filters, etc. all make my work flow better and easier... good to here from you Rod!!!