Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cliffhanger 2012

 A thousand participants have placed the 2012 Cliffhanger 5K 8K in the record book and raised money for worthy causes at the same time.  The race was held today along Cliff Drive in Historic Northeast.  Above, the start of the Elite Division at 8am...

 Above, the Brother's Dicus... Kent, on the left, is President of the Northeast Kansas City Historical Society and Steve is just a normal guy :)

 Shots of the second race which began at 9am.  Below foreground, a rare sight, two Baldridges in the wild... their wife/mom Mel was assistant race director.

 Above, famous local publisher, Mr. Bushnell...  who ran in the second race... although I had to line him up with a tree to detect movement.
 Four-footed friends were welcome as were wee-ones in strollers.
 This was the 27th Annual Race put on by the KC Trak Club... it benefits Northeast Neighbor to Neighbor, Special Olympics, and Gladstone School.
 Afterward, Chris Cakes provided the grub.  Hyper was granted special dispensation to partake. 

 Flipping cakes was entertaining.....   below man is HUNGRY.

 Above, one of the youngest Audrey Smith, age 10,... she was blazing fast.   Below, world-renowned, local columnist from the STAR.

 Great weather and a clean, beautiful course.
Another shot of the beginning of the second race.  


  1. Yael is a member of the Editorial Board; upgraded a while ago. He's been doing this run as long as I can remember. On another note, I found it interesting he used his "roast and toast" moment on Ruckus this week to say bye to the family's African grey parrot that they had had for decades and had recently died.

    Maybe next year I will run!

    Bird photos:

  2. Thank you for taking such great pictures. The fast little girl you took pictures of is Audrey Smith, she's 10 & I believe the state record holder in th 5k for her age.

  3. Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing.