Sunday, January 6, 2013

DUMB + Vehicle + DUMB + Speed = DUMB

 Some genius managed to drive clear through the Thomas Hart Benton Memorial last night.  These are iron fences folks... he/she/it had to be going 80 or more to get through both..  Tore up everything.

 Truck (I'm assuming here) parts are all over the place as well as a lot of tools.

 The Parks Department had just finished repairing the fence from another driver's fence encounter.


  1. Darwin Award local recipient?
    BTW - Some of that fencing looks to be comprised of aluminum alloy rather than iron.

  2. They never did anything about the copper plate stolen from the stone. I'm worried the Parks Department will just give up on us.

  3. Historic markers stolen from Benton and Royster sites; copper stolen from Collonaide; willfully blatant destruction of landmarks, gutting of abandoned and for-sale houses; graffiti at KC seems like you well-intentioned good people have allowed yourselves to be over saturated with miscreants as neighbors. Maybe intolerance isn't such a "bad" word, after all.