Friday, January 4, 2013

Two Mansions On Norledge

Martha Matilda Scarritt Jones Home.  1890s  Designed by Root and Siemans. 

William Chick Scarritt Home 1888.  Under renovation. A rare brownstone home in Kansas City.  Stones came from a quarry in the northeastern United States.  This is how the home looked right after construction with brand new copper and a slate roof.  


  1. The scarritt brownstone is my favorite home in town. She is doing EXCELLENT work!

    1. A close second is the steamboat captains house. great choices!

  2. Thanks. The Tiffany Mansion WAS for sale... but I don't know whether it is or not now....

  3. This is also my favorite old house in Kansas City. I think I stubled across this beauty in 2007, right before the renovation began; it was quite vacant at that time. A year or so later, I drove by again and was give a brief tour of the ground floor. At that time, the owner said they were going to turn the home into a bed and breakfast??? Does anyone know what the latest news is?

  4. There are no plans, that I'm aware of, to turn it into a bed and breakfast. The couple plans on living in it.

  5. Update: I posted on January 6, 2013. I drove by this house again around early December 2013. I ran into the current owner. She informed me that the previous owner (before her) had lost the property and that she had bought the house. She seems to have done lots of renovation and the house is looking quite amazing. Unfortunately, the current owner was not a very pleasant person at all. I shared my brief knowledge and love for her house, hoping that she might be able to educate me further and show some appreciation of my interest... No such luck. She was almost rude and seemed only too anxious for me to leave (all she could talk about was how poorly the previous owner had gone about preserving the house and how there were raccoons living in the top floor when she purchased it). I was heart-broken and spent the rest of the day rather depressed. My love of history and all things Victorian fell upon deaf ears. I just wish she could have been more accommodating... I hope she enjoys the fruits of her labor but hope that she is a little more kind to individuals who display honest admiration for her house in the future.