Monday, April 22, 2013

Historic Northeast Mini-Mansions Volume 4

Built in 1901 this home has been lovingly restored in Pendleton Heights.  
Original wood throughout...unpainted.
 Old and new in harmony.

 The homeowners did the remodel design and most of the work themselves. 

 Secret play area under the front stairs.

 Master bedroom has french doors out to the sleeping porch.

 The home was cut up into three apartments in the 1940s.. the restoration left only the third floor apartment intact... but it too was remodeled. (Above and below)

 Awesome view from the third floor balcony. 
 Above looking southwest, below looking northeast.  Garfield School on the left.
This will be coming on the market soon... through Eric B. and Associates.

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  1. We saw the first floor of this home on the 2012 Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour. We were admiring their Eames chairs; of which we also have a set of six around our kitchen table.