Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bent-Ward Home; Kansas City Treasure

The history of the Bent-Ward home is a history of early Kansas City.  The land passed through many hands, including early Mormon settlers, until William W. Bent bought the property in 1858. He built a two-story brick structure on the site.  The building above was constructed in 1871 by Seth Ward  (Ward Parkway) a man who made money as a fur trader and then as a banker and in real estate.   The home is the 44th Symphony Designers Showhouse and is open to visitors through May 19th.  It's located at 1032 West 55th Street just east of Ward Parkway.            
The original farm was part of the Battle of Westport as one of its pastures is now Loose Park.   

                                     The west side of the house has a small pool with fountains.

 Architects believe that the original brick structure built by Mr. Bent was incorporated into the new building by the Wards.  Above looking north, below looking east.
                                    Above, the east side of the house has a pool and garage.